Online Text Formatting

This simple online tool reformats paragraphs of text to fit into a given line length, something like text formatting utility par for Unix. Such formatting is useful for code or comments in various integrated development environments (IDE)  or when you need to send source code fragment over email and need to make sure it will be wrapped at some fixed length. Simply paste the text, specify maximum line length and click Format.

Max width characters

Par began in July 1993 as a small program designed to do one narrow task: reformat a single paragraph that might have a border on either side. It was pretty clean back then. Over the next three months, it very rapidly expanded to handle multiple paragraphs, offer more options, and take better guesses, at the cost of becoming extremely complex, and very unclean. It is nowhere near the optimal design for the larger task it now tries to address. Its only redeeming features are that it is extremely useful, extremely portable, and very stable.